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AR/AP & Expense Management | Data Capture

Increase Processing Efficiency and Reduce Time to Payment with Parascript

AR/AP & Expense Management | Data Capture

Increase Processing Efficiency and Reduce Time to Payment with Parascript

True Unattended Document Automation for AR/AP solutions and processes

Deploy your own digital document automation workforce using Parascript FormXtra.AI and our other pre-tuned document automation SDKs. Parascript technology drives the elimination of manual data entry and addresses document processing challenges that occur due to variability in location of data, content sensitivity, time sensitivity, and downstream errors. This means higher efficiency and significant cost reductions – all without using brittle templates.

Using Smart Learning which automatically configured and maintains optimal performance, Parascript software supports high volume, advanced document processing of invoices, receipts, remittances, checks and any other type of transaction-based document in a single stream.




Parascript software classifies documents, locates, extracts and verifies all key data for faster time-to-cash, as well as increased productivity, accuracy and savings over manual data entry with these key benefits:

  • Configures and tunes the system automatically to achieve high-levels of unattended automation meaning quicker time-to-production without the typical high professional services costs, using Smart Learning.
  • Gain immediate access to key data to streamline transaction-focused workflows since Parascript software easily integrates with ERP systems powering any document-centric or straight through processing.
  • Collect payments faster and revenue after a sale by removing time-consuming processing delays through automation.
  • Drive reduction in human processing time by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Ensure consistent tagging and organization of data through auto-classification.
  • Increase accuracy and validate data from digital and paper documents using advanced business rules continuously enhanced through machine learning.

Invoice Processing

Capture & Recognition

Parascript FormXtra.AI for Invoices uses Smart Learning to handle even slight nuances in invoices for simple, accurate automated data extraction. Parascript specializes in dealing with the high variability of invoices and their data layouts. Parascript deep learning algorithms significantly improve accuracy of header and footer data to above 80 percent.

Receipt Processing

Capture & Recognition

Parascript FormXtra.AI for Receipt Capture ensures the acquisition, classification, location, extraction and validation of receipt data regardless of how it is captured and regardless of the data that is on the receipt.

Check Processing

Parascript check capture and recognition enable users to efficiently process the full stream of documents for Proof of Deposit (POD) and remittance including traditional items like business and personal checks, cash tickets, deposit slips and money orders, as well as Image Replacement Documents (IRDs).

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