Ashley County Medical Center Leverages Parascript AccuDetect® CAD

Ashley County Medical Center (ACMC), a critical access hospital located in Crossett, Arkansas that serves one of the largest counties in the state, today announced that it is now using Parascript AccuDetect Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography.

“When it comes to employees and technology, our philosophy is that we are second to none. For our diagnostic mammography screening, we were looking for equipment that provides the highest resolution and the lowest patient dose,” said Ronnie Dillion, Director of Radiology at ACMC. “We evaluated several vendors and chose Fuji Cristalle with AccuDetect.”

Fujifilm’s Aspire Cristalle offers one of the most advanced digital mammography systems, to assist in the early detection of breast cancer that has been coupled with AccuDetect CAD for mammography. Parascript AccuDetect CAD uses multiple independent cancer detection algorithms and a unique patented voting methodology to combine its findings. Comparing the results of the multiple image recognition processes allows for improved sensitivity and reduced false-positive rates. Southeast Imaging completed the installations this April and June for ACMC. Southeast Imaging provides imaging equipment and IT services to hospitals and practices across the southeastern United States.

“There is nothing easier to install, and we’ve been very happy with the technical support, but what we found really enticing about AccuDetect CAD was the lower rate of false-positives. Where CAD used to be a box that sat in the corner and a lot of radiologists didn’t have much faith in it, now radiologists feel like they can rely on the technology more than they once did,” said Heath Allen, Mammography Sales Manager of Southeast Imaging. “It also processes high volumes of images much faster than any other CAD system. At the end of the day, you have a lot of images to run through your system for analysis and AccuDetect processes those images much more rapidly, which can improve response time to patients.”

AccuDetect CAD processes at 11 seconds per image, the fastest of all available FDA-approved CAD systems. The average CAD system takes 30 seconds or more to process a single image. AccuDetect CAD also supports early, more accurate detection, delivering high performance on dense and extremely dense breasts, according to a clinical study reported in Clinical Imaging (M. Lobbes et al., Clinical Imaging 37 (2013) 283-288).

“Our radiologists have enjoyed using it because it’s more accurate. Having Parascript software sets us apart from what is going on around us. It lets people know that we are serious about taking care of their health and taking care of their families,” said Mr. Dillion. “Parascript has been instrumental in helping us to do that.”

About Ashley County Medical Center

Ashley County Medical Center (ACMC) located in Crossett, Arkansas, is a critical access hospital that serves one of the largest counties in Arkansas, encompassing more than 940 square miles. The mission of the center is to promote good health and provide quality healthcare in a caring and compassionate manner with qualified staff. ACMC is committed to provide the resources for continuous quality improvement, continuously expand needed healthcare services, and recruit the healthcare professionals who best meet community needs. Visit the Ashley County Medical Center.

Southeast Imaging

Southeast Imaging (SEI), headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas, provides imaging equipment and IT services to much of the southeastern United States. Southeast Imaging provides highly successful solutions to major hospitals, rural hospitals, large practices and small practices alike. With an advanced selection of imaging equipment and multiple options for purchasing, SEI customizes its products and services to fit each customer’s specific goals and financial needs. Visit Southeast Imaging.

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