What Role Does OCR Play within Cognitive Capture?

Examining the Role of OCR in Cognitive Capture

This article examines the role OCR plays in cognitive capture and how cognitive capture is used in RPA and business systems for document processing.
What Is Cognitive Capture?

Automation: What Is Cognitive Capture?

What is cognitive capture? These capture solutions use artificial intelligence or its subset machine learning that have the ability to learn. Find out more.
Intelligent Document Processing with Parascript

Rethinking the Value of Capture: Accessing AR/AP Data

Rethinking capture means helping eliminate many manual document-handling tasks such as sorting documents and entering data enhancing your digital workforce.
Straight Through Processing: Getting Beyond the Constraint in Mortgage Classification

Straight Through Processing: Getting Beyond the Constraint | Mortgage Classification

Straight through processing is every successful organization's challenge since all maximize efficiency with existing tools. Explore how to achieve true STP.
Don't Just OCR Documents, Interpret Them

Don’t Just OCR Documents, Interpret Them | Unattended Automation's Hidden Role

Don’t just OCR documents. Interpret them. Find out how document interpretation is central to cognitive document automation for the digital workforce.

Advanced Capture: Are Templates Bad? | High Variance Documents

When using advanced capture, are templates such a bad thing? This article explores the use of the "template" and when it makes sense to go "template-less."
Robotic Process Automation: Rediscovering Advanced Capture

Robotic Process Automation: Rediscovering Advanced Capture

RPA allows organizations to "rediscover" advanced capture with solutions that are simple to use with advanced capabilities. Find out more here.
Best ICR Software for Handwriting

Best ICR Software for Handwriting: Getting It Right

ICR software for handwriting transforms dark data once inaccessible on paper by leveraging new deep learning handwriting recognizers. Find out more here.
How to Achieve Straight Through Processing in Document Automation

How to Achieve the Highest Straight Through Processing

Discover how to achieve the highest straight through processing or STP, the significance of error rate & what this means to your ROI.