Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

The practical applications of Deep Learning and its impact on document automation promises to accelerate change in business processes. Find out how here.
Feature Wars: End of an Era in Document Automation

Feature Wars - the End of an Era

We are entering the end of the “Feature Wars” era for document automation, data capture and what that means to business processes.
The Parascript Paradigm Simply Stated

The Parascript Paradigm Simply Stated – The Untold Story

Find out how advanced capture in today's business environment brings value beyond the capture operation with significant efficiencies and savings downstream.

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Capture Solution

With all of the capture solutions available, how do you know which one is right for your enterprise? This article explores the top 5 questions to ask before buying a solution.

Advanced Data Capture for Claims Processing

Why expand the scope of your current automation and what to look for when you decide to further automate? Find out here when the aim is to eliminate manual intervention where possible, reduce errors and cut operating expenses.

Getting to Know the Executive Team: CEO Alexander Filatov

Softline featured Parascript CEO Alexander Filatov as a special guest in their March Softline Direct Magazine in Russian. Here is the summary in English.

Realizing Automation Potentials in Logistics and Transportation

Overcoming the challenges of logistics and transportation document processing automation, especially waybills and bills of lading is now possible through the latest document classification and data extraction software powered by machine learning.

Overcoming Medical Billing Challenges: Black-and-White Claims

Overcoming medical billing challenges when between 10 percent to 25 percent of paper-initiated claims are black-and-white images translates to around 150 million annually with high costs to process; this article focuses on how full automation and high quality data extraction results can be achieved.

Invoice Data Verification: Taking Invoice Recognition Out of AP

Invoice data verification takes invoice capture or recognition beyond the Accounts Payable (AP) department for use in new applications, namely tax auditing and refund recovery.