Is All Machine Learning the Same?

Is Machine Learning All the Same?

Is Machine Learning all the same? Let's delve into the most common machine learning techniques, explore how they are used and where.
AI at Your Organization

AI at Your Organization: Deploy or Not to Deploy

Artificial intelligence (AI) at your organization: if AI won't improve your organization should you deploy it? Find out if, when and how here.
AI and Human: blending the best of both

AI Is Everywhere: Blending Best of Humans and Machines

AI is everywhere and not a person to think. This article delves into how AI can be best used in collaboration with humans.
AI Combats Voter Fraud

Artificial Intelligence Combats Voter Fraud | Signature Verification

Artificial intelligence (AI) combats voter fraud via new avenues. Signature verification automation powered by AI offers new levels of accuracy and speed.
Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

The practical applications of Deep Learning and its impact on document automation promises to accelerate change in business processes. Find out how here.
Machine Learning & Its Components - Self-learning Software

Machine Learning: How to Tell What's Real

If there's a knowledge base, chances are it is not real machine learning. Find out how to discern between what's real machine learning and what's simply an expert system leveraging knowledge bases and human SMEs.
document classification: one classifier to rule them all

One Document Classifier to Rule Them All?

Is there one document classifier to rule them all powered by artificial intelligence? This article explores the AI document classification options and how to determine which document classifier works best for your business.

Leveraging AI in Document Classification

Leveraging AI for document classification can still require many human steps--or not. The amount of manual processing depends on the sophistication of the automated classification engine. Find out about the challenges and how to address them here.

Machine Learning AI vs Expert Systems AI | Why It's Better

How do you decide when to use expert systems or machine learning AI to automate your document processing? Find out here.