Capture: Technology Trends & Considerations for 2018

Find out about the latest capture and recognition trends including the key considerations in RPA and artificial intelligence powered by machine learning.

2017 Roundup: Top Articles, Videos & Blogs

The best of 2017 is this roundup includes most read articles, top videos watched and the most popular blogs for Parascript this past year.

Advanced Imaging Shakes Up Capture

Advanced image processing for scanned documents is now more important than ever—find out why and how it makes your life easier in this article.

Where Innovation Meets AP Automation

Panorama of AP automated solutions--traditional approaches versus machine learning and how to determine what solution works best for you.
Super AI takeover or will they be our superhuman personal assistants

Super-AI Takeover or Superhuman Personal Assistants?

Artificial intelligence may outperform humans in 45 years although AI today is highly constrained and applied in its actual smarts. What happens between now and tomorrow?

AI: How Did We Get Here?

All indications are artificial intelligence (AI) will transform our future in significant ways. Today, AI already automates many activities that were typically relegated to humans, but how exactly did we get here?
Check recognition, rules and neural networks

Document Recognition | Why Rules & Neural Nets...

Why can't capture and recognition software read fields that a person can read and how does it read what we find hard to read? The answer: neural nets.

Debunking the Myths: Job Loss, Globalization and Automation

The debate rages on loss of high-paying jobs due to globalization, automation and unfair trade practices, but where do the myths end and reality begin?
example of ground truth data: squirrel, no squirrel

Striking Gold: What's Behind Any Successful AI

Discover and collect the gold behind every successful artificial intelligence: what ground truth data means and its critical importance.