Where Are You on the Automation Continuum?

Capture: Where Is Your Business on the Automation Continuum?

Find out where your business is in the “automation maturity model” continuum in terms of flexibility and ability to increase efficiency.

What Does AI Mean for You?

An exploration into what separates real progress from mere hype in how artificial intelligence is leveraged in today's world and what it means to you.

Shaping Our People-first World: AI Everywhere We Are

AI is everywhere, so why are businesses still relying on human intervention and manual validation--especially in document processing?

Secret to Accurate Results: Capture Powered by AI Voting

How capture and recognition powered by artificial intelligence lead to more accurate data results through advanced voting algorithms.

Hidden Side of Capture: Image Cleanup Optimizes Recognition

Important tips on image cleanup and preprocessing--sides of capture that are central to effective data extraction.

2016 Roundup: Top Articles, Videos & Blogs

2016 roundup of Parascript top picks and most popular reads on topics ranging from artificial intelligence, invoice, receipt and check processing to document classification
Seven Trends that will shape capture & recognition in 2017

7 Trends That Will Shape Capture in 2017

Seven trends that will shape capture and recognition (data extraction) in 2017 and how to prepare.

Applied Deep Learning Shapes Our Future

How deep learning offers one of the most promising frontiers of AI applied across many fields ranging from image recognition, data extraction to security.

Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning-based AI

Opening the black box of machine-learning-based AI explores concerns about AI systems impacting our daily lives and how we determine if an AI made the right or wrong decision.