What BPO Clients Consider When Outsourcing

Outsourcing to reduce cost is one important reason for selecting a Business Process Outsourcer, but it’s not enough as companies look to their BPOs for additional services.

Trends in Outsourcing: Improving Efficiencies in Document Processing Automation

Operational improvements resulting in cost reductions and greater efficiency are being driven by automation technologies.

SIG Webinar: Value Creation - Interview Results from the Top BPOs and their Clients

Upcoming SIG Webinar on Value Creation - summarizes the results of an interview survey of 100 of the top BPOs and their clients.

Automation Offers Risk Reduction Strategy

Article considers the strategic importance of automation to shelter the business from fluctuations in labor availability, increases in labor costs, civil unrest, natural disasters, and regulatory uncertainty.

Sourcing Industry Group Hosts Webinar for BPOs

This webinar provides empirical benchmark results that explain how to best take advantage of BPO opportunities, help ensure relevancy to the market and move ahead of the competition.

Cars Drive Themselves--And You're Still Using Document Separators?

Cars that drive themselves--and you're still using document separators? They indicate each new set of documents, but there's a faster, smarter way of doing business.

Rethinking Solutions for Document-oriented BPOs

Document-oriented BPOs rethink their document management solutions for profitability & growth - This article focuses on next generation solutions for document-oriented BPOs and Managed Services....

Successfully Navigate Key Trends in the Document BPO Industry

Key trends in the document Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)…