AI at Your Organization

AI at Your Organization: Deploy or Not to Deploy

Artificial intelligence (AI) at your organization: if AI won't improve your organization should you deploy it? Find out if, when and how here.

Attention BPOs: Automate Client Operations or Lose Them

BPO benchmark study reveals improving margins on existing clients is less important to BPOs than new customer acquisition with possible serious side effects.

Attention BPOs: Data Extraction and OCR Are Not Your Core Competencies

How to move beyond data extraction and OCR as core competencies in document processing in order to meet evolving client data needs and expectations.

Is Your BPO Taking Advantage of the Latest Technologies?

For companies with high volume document processing needs that are either processing in-house or outsourcing these tasks, it’s worth examining the level of automation currently used and if AI and machine learning are even under consideration.

What BPO Clients Consider When Outsourcing

Outsourcing to reduce cost is one important reason for selecting a Business Process Outsourcer, but it’s not enough as companies look to their BPOs for additional services.

BPOs Meet the Competition

BPOs that provide document processing services face new competition, and if they are not prepared to respond, their viability may be at stake.

Data Quality: Debunking Myths, Facing Realities

Top BPOs--50% rated the accuracy of their data results from document processing as somewhat low--we examine how to ensure higher data quality.

Value Creation in Document Processing: Top BPOs and Their Clients Surveyed

Top BPOs and their clients provide insights into their document processing challenges and overcoming their data quality hurdles.

Trends in Outsourcing: Improving Efficiencies in Document Processing Automation

Operational improvements resulting in cost reductions and greater efficiency are being driven by automation technologies.