Advanced Capture: Are Templates Bad? | High Variance Documents

When using advanced capture, are templates such a bad thing? This article explores the use of the "template" and when it makes sense to go "template-less."
example of ground truth data: squirrel, no squirrel

Striking Gold: What's Behind Any Successful AI

Discover and collect the gold behind every successful artificial intelligence: what ground truth data means and its critical importance.

Data Extraction Best Practices in Document Management

Best practices in document management—when approaching a document management challenge that necessitates data extraction—require fully understanding the types of documents involved. The “nature” of the document is fundamental in determining the most appropriate technologies and techniques to use. For example, OCR cannot provide a comprehensive solution in many cases. Instead, OCR acts as the underlying, supporting technology that aids with producing a final result.

Data Extraction: Not Your Average OCR

Going beyond OCR to extract important, context-based data from documents with high reliability and accuracy.