Best ICR Software for Handwriting

Best ICR Software for Handwriting: Getting It Right

ICR software for handwriting transforms dark data once inaccessible on paper by leveraging new deep learning handwriting recognizers. Find out more here.
Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

Deep Learning: Practical Applications for Advanced Capture

The practical applications of Deep Learning and its impact on document automation promises to accelerate change in business processes. Find out how here.
Seven Trends that will shape capture & recognition in 2017

7 Trends That Will Shape Capture in 2017

Seven trends that will shape capture and recognition (data extraction) in 2017 and how to prepare.

Applied Deep Learning Shapes Our Future

How deep learning offers one of the most promising frontiers of AI applied across many fields ranging from image recognition, data extraction to security.

Should Machines Do the Work or Humans?

Faster, better, more accurate. It seems as though the typical…