99% Accuracy Is Only Half of the Story

99 Percent Accuracy? That Is Only Half The Story

So what does 99% accuracy really mean? This article explores what 99% accuracy means for your document data extraction or document automation
Handwriting Recognition & Data Capture

Handwriting Recognition & Data Capture: Three Reasons to Get a Handle on Handwritten Data

New advances in handwriting recognition & data capture offer three important reasons to get a handle on & gain access to your handwritten data.
Accelerating Document Automation: Capture Beyond Paper - Parascript

Accelerating Document Automation: Capture Beyond Paper

Accelerating process automation means implementing workflows that no longer require staff to manually enter data a.k.a. "unattended automation." Find out more.
Digital Transformation: What We Need Now to Prepare for the Future

Digital Transformation: What We Need Now for the Future

Digital Transformation and what we need to do now to adequately prepare for tomorrow is the latest topic of the interview by Document Strategy Podcast Host Kevin Craine's with VPs Greg Council and Bill Johnson.
Advanced Capture Is Unlike CRM

Advanced Capture Unlike CRM: Comparing Apples and Oranges

Advanced Capture is unlike CRM so why use the same approach when evaluating solutions. Here's a guide to evaluating your next advanced capture solution.

How Confident Are You in Your OCR Confidence Scores?

Many capture systems cannot provide the level of certainty necessary for data extraction to be truly automated--find out why...

Automated Capture Configuration Key to Technology Adoption

Capture and recognition engines vary widely in ease-of-use and configuration automation is key to adopting advanced capture software--find out why here.

BPOs Meet the Competition

BPOs that provide document processing services face new competition, and if they are not prepared to respond, their viability may be at stake.

How to Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Data Accuracy

This webinar focuses on how to perform accuracy audits with use cases that increase data accuracy and practical steps to improve data extraction methods.