How Confident Are You in Your OCR Confidence Scores?

Many capture systems cannot provide the level of certainty necessary for data extraction to be truly automated--find out why...

Automated Capture Configuration Key to Technology Adoption

Capture and recognition engines vary widely in ease-of-use and configuration automation is key to adopting advanced capture software--find out why here.

BPOs Meet the Competition

BPOs that provide document processing services face new competition, and if they are not prepared to respond, their viability may be at stake.

How to Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Data Accuracy

This webinar focuses on how to perform accuracy audits with use cases that increase data accuracy and practical steps to improve data extraction methods.

Shaping Our People-first World: AI Everywhere We Are

AI is everywhere, so why are businesses still relying on human intervention and manual validation--especially in document processing?

BPO Challenges & Opportunities: Document Processing in 2017

BPO Document Processing Survey results identifies challenges BPOs face and where BPOs expect the industry to be headed through 2017.

2016 Roundup: Top Articles, Videos & Blogs

2016 roundup of Parascript top picks and most popular reads on topics ranging from artificial intelligence, invoice, receipt and check processing to document classification
Data Accuracy: The Big Picture

Data Accuracy: The Big Picture

Accuracy and the big picture focuses on automation projects involving data “trapped” in documents. Data accuracy is one of several key quality metrics to meeting each project's ultimate goals.

What Are the Keys to Your Successful Capture Project?

Keys to your successful capture project success involve three major strategies with critical tactics.