Refi Mortgage Applications Leap to 7 Year High

Refi Applications Leap to Seven Year High on Coronavirus Fears

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting many areas of commerce & business, but the outbreak has the opposite effect on US mortgage markets. Find out why.
How Cognitive Classification Differs from Rules-based Classification

How Cognitive Classification Differs from Rules-based Classification

Cognitive classification is one important intelligent capture application, but it differs from other types of classification: find out how & why it matters.
document classification: one classifier to rule them all

One Document Classifier to Rule Them All?

Is there one document classifier to rule them all powered by artificial intelligence? This article explores the AI document classification options and how to determine which document classifier works best for your business.

Leveraging AI in Document Classification

Leveraging AI for document classification can still require many human steps--or not. The amount of manual processing depends on the sophistication of the automated classification engine. Find out about the challenges and how to address them here.

Auto-Classification Revisited: Lower Error Rates

Auto-Classification Revisited: what is the error rate of your document classification system? Successful auto-classification is efficient and reduces costs. A key component to this success is achieving low error rates.

Classification Techniques: How to Select the Right Solution

Let's examine classification techniques and what technology is best suited for each type of organizational challenge.

KMWorld: Leveraging Automated Classification

KMWorld: Leveraging Automated Classification focuses on understanding the challenges that organizations face in selecting the right technologies and solutions.

Should Machines Do the Work or Humans?

Faster, better, more accurate. It seems as though the typical…

Auto-classification Meets the Information Management Challenge Head-on

To address the information management problem, look at the…