Best Practices Recommended for Document Automation

Document Automation: Best Practices You Should Know About

Best Practices in document automation (based on AIIM International recent survey) that you should know about are detailed in this article.
Data Accuracy: The Big Picture

Data Accuracy: The Big Picture

Accuracy and the big picture focuses on automation projects involving data “trapped” in documents. Data accuracy is one of several key quality metrics to meeting each project's ultimate goals.

What Are the Keys to Your Successful Capture Project?

Keys to your successful capture project success involve three major strategies with critical tactics.
How Truth Data Improves Recognition - best practices

How Truth Data Improves Recognition

How to maximize accuracy in capture and recognition by best leveraging your truth data.

Data Extraction Best Practices in Document Management

Best practices in document management—when approaching a document management challenge that necessitates data extraction—require fully understanding the types of documents involved. The “nature” of the document is fundamental in determining the most appropriate technologies and techniques to use. For example, OCR cannot provide a comprehensive solution in many cases. Instead, OCR acts as the underlying, supporting technology that aids with producing a final result.