Attention BPOs: Automate Client Operations or Lose Them

BPO benchmark study reveals improving margins on existing clients is less important to BPOs than new customer acquisition with possible serious side effects.
How Capture Shapes Efficiency for Business Process Automation

How Capture Shapes Efficiency for Business Process Automation

Find out how capture shapes efficiency by examining business process automation and document capture's workflow impacts beyond the scan room.
Document Automation: Self-Learning software ends feature wars

Document Automation: Self-learning Software Ends Feature Wars

For document automation self-learning software spells the end of vendor feature wars so that businesses can focus on the outcomes; find out why here.
Digital Transformation powered by Self-learning Software

Digital Transformation Powered by Self-learning Software

Digital transformation, its impact on the industry and how self-learning software promises to accelerate change in document workflow processes are all discussed in this exclusive interview.

Natural Language Processing: What is NLP to Document Automation?

Natural Language Processing or NLP helps make document automation highly successful for certain tasks and fails miserably in others that are explored here.
You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us - Parascript

You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us

You don't know us, but you know us. If you’ve deposited a check via ATM or sent a letter, chances are you used Parascript.

Information Needs Drive Cognitive RPA | Sourcing Industry Group

Take an in-depth look at document processing automation at the core of cognitive RPA or Robotic Process Automation and its impact on operations.

Three Essential Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

Here are three essential steps to Accounts Payable automation that you can do today to overcome what may seem like the most daunting challenges to automation.
Cognitive RPA | Automate | Assessing the Challenges

Cognitive RPA: Assessing the Challenges

Tackling more complex processes leveraging enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requires overcoming some significant challenges. This article explores how to meet those challenges.