You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us Parascript

You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us

You don't know us, but you know us. If you’ve deposited a check via ATM or sent a letter, chances are you used Parascript.

Information Needs Drive Cognitive RPA | Sourcing Industry Group

Take an in-depth look at document processing automation at the core of cognitive RPA or Robotic Process Automation and its impact on operations.

Three Essential Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

Here are three essential steps to Accounts Payable automation that you can do today to overcome what may seem like the most daunting challenges to automation.
Cognitive RPA | Automate | Assessing the Challenges

Cognitive RPA: Assessing the Challenges

Tackling more complex processes leveraging enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requires overcoming some significant challenges. This article explores how to meet those challenges.

Automation: How to Get Started with Quality Data

Quality data matters so when it comes to starting with good data in the input stream, the capture process can help us to identify quality vs non-quality. This article explores how to course-correct along the way.

Document Automation: Drilling into the Core of Cognitive RPA

Drilling into cognitive robotic process automation (RPA) reveals document automation at its center. This article focuses on cognitive RPA and what it means to your business.
Data Entry vs Validation: Accelerate Throughput at Less Cost

Data Entry vs Validation: Accelerate Throughput at Less Cost

Data entry vs validation--the goal for document automation is to accelerate straight-through processing with reduced data entry and higher quality data results at a lower cost. This article explores how to get the most out of your automation strategy.
100 percent document processing automation

Attaining the Unattainable: 100% Document Processing Automation

Attaining 100% document automation within this lifetime may be unattainable, but it doesn't keep us from working toward the ideal. Discover how accuracy is meaningfully measured and when it is NOT and why it matters to your business.

Debunking the Myths: Job Loss, Globalization and Automation

The debate rages on loss of high-paying jobs due to globalization, automation and unfair trade practices, but where do the myths end and reality begin?