Digital Transformation & Its Document Automation Challenge

Digital Transformation & Its Document Automation Challenge

Digital transformation and its document automation challenge, why it's a key enabler in businesses achieving successful DX and how to get there.

Exploring Straight Through Processing: Why It's Important

Explore Straight Through Processing (STP) automation & why it's important. Eliminating data entry & its manual verification are only part of the puzzle.
Intelligent Document Processing Integrates STP

Intelligent Document Processing Integrates STP

Intelligent Document Processing with advanced capture plays a critical role in overall process improvement with straight through processing. Find out how.
Best Practices Recommended for Document Automation

Document Automation: Best Practices You Should Know About

Best Practices in document automation (based on AIIM International recent survey) that you should know about are detailed in this article.
What Role Does OCR Play within Cognitive Capture?

Examining the Role of OCR in Cognitive Capture

This article examines the role OCR plays in cognitive capture and how cognitive capture is used in RPA and business systems for document processing.
What Is Cognitive Capture?

Automation: What Is Cognitive Capture?

What is cognitive capture? These capture solutions use artificial intelligence or its subset machine learning that have the ability to learn. Find out more.
Unattended Automation: Where It's Possible

Attended and Unattended Automation for Document Processing

Explore the difference between attended and unattended automation with document-oriented processes and where each is most effective here in this article.

Intelligent Automation Trends: How the Digital Workforce Takes Advantage of Document Automation

Intelligent Automation Trends focuses on how the digital workforce uses Document Automation based on AIIM 2019 survey of 100 capture leaders with infographic.
Document Automation Evaluations: are checklists useful?

Document Automation Evaluation: Are Checklists Useful?

Are checklists useful in document automation evaluations? Here's a checklist approach & one that requires a new approach to evaluate technology solutions.