Intelligent Automation Trends: How the Digital Workforce Takes Advantage of Document Automation

Intelligent Automation Trends focuses on how the digital workforce uses Document Automation based on AIIM 2019 survey of 100 capture leaders with infographic.
Document Automation Evaluations: are checklists useful?

Document Automation Evaluation: Are Checklists Useful?

Are checklists useful in document automation evaluations? Here's a checklist approach & one that requires a new approach to evaluate technology solutions.
Accelerating Document Automation: Capture Beyond Paper - Parascript

Accelerating Document Automation: Capture Beyond Paper

Accelerating process automation means implementing workflows that no longer require staff to manually enter data a.k.a. "unattended automation." Find out more.
What is a Document, really? Where is it headed?

What Is a Document & Where Is It Headed? | Document Automation

What is a document & its future? A document is a container for data—not stored in rows and columns—that is paper-based or electronic. Discover more here.
How to Achieve Straight Through Processing in Document Automation

How to Achieve the Highest Straight Through Processing

Discover how to achieve the highest straight through processing or STP, the significance of error rate & what this means to your ROI.
Document Automation: Applied Machine Learning Platforms vs Generic

Document Automation: Applied Machine Learning Platforms vs Generic ML Platforms

Document automation applied machine learning (ML) platforms are running up against generic ML platforms: how do they compare? Trade-offs considered here.
Business Intelligence Equals Business Advantage in Document Automation

Business Intelligence Equals Business Advantage | Document Automation

Business intelligence equals business advantage where the next frontier of business intelligence requires the most precise data from the get-go.
2019 Predictions: 3 Trends Will Shape Automation

2019 Predictions: Three Trends Will Shape Automation

Here is our assessment last year's predictions and our tee-up of 2019 predictions and trends that will shape automation and capture this year.
Research Shows Trend to Shift to Outcome-based Pricing in Automation

Research Shows Trend to Flip Automation Pricing Model

Research shows trend to flip pricing model for automation from lift and shift to outcome-based pricing, particularly in document automation.