Fraud Prevention NOT just for Banks

Fraud Prevention Not Just for Banks | State & Local Government

Fraud Prevention is not just for banks, state & local government help prevent fraud very cost effectively using signature verification automation.

Best Practices for Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) significantly impacts business operation’s bottomline and customer onboarding experiences. Here are a few best practices for KYC compliance.

What's Next for Restrictive Endorsement and Fraud Prevention

Now is the time for restrictive endorsement in fraud prevention, which means financial institutions will need to implement technology to detect the presence of the restrictive endorsement in addition to the signature.

Check Payee Line Verification - Has Its Time Come?

Is Check Payee Line Verification still necessary? It turns out it is for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance. Find out more here.

Taking the Risk out of Risky Business: Restrictive Endorsement and Advanced Validation Applications

The advent of new channels and devices available for interacting…