Handwriting Recognition & Data Capture

Handwriting Recognition & Data Capture: Three Reasons to Get a Handle on Handwritten Data

New advances in handwriting recognition & data capture offer three important reasons to get a handle on & gain access to your handwritten data.
Best ICR Software for Handwriting

Best ICR Software for Handwriting: Getting It Right

ICR software for handwriting transforms dark data once inaccessible on paper by leveraging new deep learning handwriting recognizers. Find out more here.
Handwriting Recognition Tech Talk

Handwriting Recognition: Tech Talk

Handwriting recognition continues to offer interesting challenges to businesses and the scientific community. Recently, Sergey Polovinkin, a Computer Vision Engineer in the Ukraine at IDR, gave a tech talk to data scientists there about handwriting recognition. He shared some of the details with us.

Handprint Recognition: Beyond Boxes & Combs in ICR

With ICR, moving beyond requiring boxes and combs with advanced handprint recognition systems.
Recognition 101: OCR, ICR & Machine Learning

OCR | ICR Recognition Software 101

OCR and ICR Recognition 101 is a primer on fundamental concepts critical to understanding the wide range of technology options available to businesses today.

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4 Common Misleading Myths about ICR

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