Best ICR Software for Handwriting

Best ICR Software for Handwriting: Getting It Right

ICR software for handwriting transforms dark data once inaccessible on paper by leveraging new deep learning handwriting recognizers. Find out more here.

Handprint Recognition: Beyond Boxes & Combs in ICR

With ICR, moving beyond requiring boxes and combs with advanced handprint recognition systems.
3 Reasons to Automate Data Capture and Interpretation

3 Reasons to Automate Data Capture and Interpretation

Explore how business-critical data waiting to be released to the workflow process could be captured and mined for relevant facts that impact decision making.
Recognition 101: OCR, ICR & Machine Learning

OCR | ICR Recognition Software 101

OCR and ICR Recognition 101 is a primer on fundamental concepts critical to understanding the wide range of technology options available to businesses today.

How to Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Data Accuracy

This webinar focuses on how to perform accuracy audits with use cases that increase data accuracy and practical steps to improve data extraction methods.

Secret to Accurate Results: Capture Powered by AI Voting

How capture and recognition powered by artificial intelligence lead to more accurate data results through advanced voting algorithms.

A/P Processing: Think Outside the "Manual"

A/P Processing Automation: Think outside the manual by exploring new approaches to processing invoices, receipts, checks.

Advanced Capture: Why Context Is So Important

Advanced Capture: find out how to improve context for successful and accurate document recognition. We sat down with Tatyana Vazulina, the Product Manager at Parascript, to discover the keys to applying context for successful and accurate document recognition.

Pattern Recognition Offers BPOs New Revenue Opportunities

Pattern recognition applied to data “trapped” in customer claims, invoices, and receipts enables predictive analytics and provides new revenue opportunities to BPOs.