Intelligent Automation: What Does It Really Mean?

AI & IA: What Does Intelligent Automation Really Mean?

What does it mean to apply intelligent automation? How is it different from any other automation? Find out in this article.
3 Reasons to Automate Data Capture and Interpretation

3 Reasons to Automate Data Capture and Interpretation

Explore how business-critical data waiting to be released to the workflow process could be captured and mined for relevant facts that impact decision making.

How to Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Data Accuracy

This webinar focuses on how to perform accuracy audits with use cases that increase data accuracy and practical steps to improve data extraction methods.

Hidden Side of Capture: Image Cleanup Optimizes Recognition

Important tips on image cleanup and preprocessing--sides of capture that are central to effective data extraction.
Seven Trends that will shape capture & recognition in 2017

7 Trends That Will Shape Capture in 2017

Seven trends that will shape capture and recognition (data extraction) in 2017 and how to prepare.

Train Computers Like Dogs for Mundane Tasks

Computers: let's train them like we train our dogs. Machine learning lets us train our software to complete the most mundane organizational and data entry tasks.
Machine Learning Technology - Parascript

Why Don't We All Use Artificial Intelligence?

If machine learning is real, then why don't we all use artificial intelligence? The hype surrounding AI and machine learning may be justified, but what needs to be further explored is the level of effort necessary to train a machine or software so that it's actually useful.
superior quality data validation

Validating Data Costs You Millions

Validating data costs you millions annually, but there may be low-cost, superior quality alternatives with today's technologies.

Check Payee Line Verification - Has Its Time Come?

Is Check Payee Line Verification still necessary? It turns out it is for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance. Find out more here.