Improve Delivery with STP | Payment Solutions

Improve Delivery Time with Straight Through Processing | Payment Processing

Straight Through Processing (STP) saves time & reduces costs with less risk of errors - here's what to look for in a good solution for payment processing.
Intelligent Document Processing with Parascript

Rethinking the Value of Capture: Accessing AR/AP Data

Rethinking capture means helping eliminate many manual document-handling tasks such as sorting documents and entering data enhancing your digital workforce.

Three Essential Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

Here are three essential steps to Accounts Payable automation that you can do today to overcome what may seem like the most daunting challenges to automation.
Digital Transformation in Accounts Payable

4 Key Benefits to Digital Transformation in Accounts Payable

“Digital Transformation” is changing Accounts Payable, and companies find that AP automation is making a real difference per a study conducted by AIIM International. Find out the details and the key benefits here.
100 percent document processing automation

Attaining the Unattainable: 100% Document Processing Automation

Attaining 100% document automation within this lifetime may be unattainable, but it doesn't keep us from working toward the ideal. Discover how accuracy is meaningfully measured and when it is NOT and why it matters to your business.

Invoice Data Verification: Taking Invoice Recognition Out of AP

Invoice data verification takes invoice capture or recognition beyond the Accounts Payable (AP) department for use in new applications, namely tax auditing and refund recovery.

Where Innovation Meets AP Automation

Panorama of AP automated solutions--traditional approaches versus machine learning and how to determine what solution works best for you.

A/P Processing: Think Outside the "Manual"

A/P Processing Automation: Think outside the manual by exploring new approaches to processing invoices, receipts, checks.