2019 Predictions: 3 Trends Will Shape Automation

2019 Predictions: Three Trends Will Shape Automation

Here is our assessment last year's predictions and our tee-up of 2019 predictions and trends that will shape automation and capture this year.
MIndset Shift Necessary for Success in Advanced Capture

Mindset Shift Necessary for Success: Advanced Capture

A mindset shift in advanced capture is necessary for success--find out how the end of feature wars and zero configuration are important to management.
Machine Learning: New Focus & What's Shaping Capture

Machine Learning: New Focus and What’s Shaping Capture

Machine learning forces a significant shift in how software solutions are evaluated, compared and acquired. Discover the latest in AI for advanced capture.
Feature Wars: End of an Era in Document Automation

Feature Wars - the End of an Era

We are entering the end of the “Feature Wars” era for document automation, data capture and what that means to business processes.
Machine Learning & Its Components - Self-learning Software

Machine Learning: How to Tell What's Real

If there's a knowledge base, chances are it is not real machine learning. Find out how to discern between what's real machine learning and what's simply an expert system leveraging knowledge bases and human SMEs.
Digital Transformation - overused, but essential buzz-term

Digital Transformation: Overused, But Essential Buzz-Term

Digital transformation is an overused, but essential buzz-term since more economic value is derived from the digital world even businesses with physical goods and services must transform.
You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us - Parascript

You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us

You don't know us, but you know us. If you’ve deposited a check via ATM or sent a letter, chances are you used Parascript.

Machine Learning AI vs Expert Systems AI | Why It's Better

How do you decide when to use expert systems or machine learning AI to automate your document processing? Find out here.

BPOs Meet the Competition

BPOs that provide document processing services face new competition, and if they are not prepared to respond, their viability may be at stake.