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You Don't Know Us, But You Know Us

You don't know us, but you know us. If you’ve deposited a check via ATM or sent a letter, chances are you used Parascript.

Machine Learning AI vs Expert Systems AI | Why It's Better

How do you decide when to use expert systems or machine learning AI to automate your document processing? Find out here.

BPOs Meet the Competition

BPOs that provide document processing services face new competition, and if they are not prepared to respond, their viability may be at stake.
example of ground truth data: squirrel, no squirrel

Striking Gold: What's Behind Any Successful AI

Discover and collect the gold behind every successful artificial intelligence: what ground truth data means and its critical importance.
Where Are You on the Automation Continuum?

Capture: Where Is Your Business on the Automation Continuum?

Find out where your business is in the “automation maturity model” continuum in terms of flexibility and ability to increase efficiency.

Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning-based AI

Opening the black box of machine-learning-based AI explores concerns about AI systems impacting our daily lives and how we determine if an AI made the right or wrong decision.

Train Computers Like Dogs for Mundane Tasks

Computers: let's train them like we train our dogs. Machine learning lets us train our software to complete the most mundane organizational and data entry tasks.
Machine Learning Technology - Parascript

Why Don't We All Use Artificial Intelligence?

If machine learning is real, then why don't we all use artificial intelligence? The hype surrounding AI and machine learning may be justified, but what needs to be further explored is the level of effort necessary to train a machine or software so that it's actually useful.

Think Like Spock: Automate Your Document Analysis

Think like Spock and automate document analysis and processing, using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.