advanced capture for medical records

$36 Billion Cautionary Tale for Digital Transformation | Medical Records

A joint investigation by Fortune Magazine and Kaiser Health…

Advanced Data Capture for Claims Processing

Why expand the scope of your current automation and what to look for when you decide to further automate? Find out here when the aim is to eliminate manual intervention where possible, reduce errors and cut operating expenses.

Overcoming Medical Billing Challenges: Black-and-White Claims

Overcoming medical billing challenges when between 10 percent to 25 percent of paper-initiated claims are black-and-white images translates to around 150 million annually with high costs to process; this article focuses on how full automation and high quality data extraction results can be achieved.

Pattern Recognition Offers BPOs New Revenue Opportunities

Pattern recognition applied to data “trapped” in customer claims, invoices, and receipts enables predictive analytics and provides new revenue opportunities to BPOs.