What you need to know about Machine Learning

Machine Learning & Its Voracious Appetite | Machine Learning Primer

Addressing machine learning and its voracious appetite for data requires feeding it volumes of quality data--a primer on types of ML and the data they need.

Are You Really Getting the OCR Accuracy You Expect?

Getting good and reliable OCR accuracy from your system may involve more than you think.
Recognition 101: OCR, ICR & Machine Learning

OCR | ICR Recognition Software 101

OCR and ICR Recognition 101 is a primer on fundamental concepts critical to understanding the wide range of technology options available to businesses today.
superior quality data validation

Validating Data Costs You Millions

Validating data costs you millions annually, but there may be low-cost, superior quality alternatives with today's technologies.

OCR: Does Your Software Lack Confidence?

OCR: Does Your Software Lack Confidence--explores variations in confidence scores and what this means for high quality results in invoice, receipt and check processing.

Check Payee Line Verification - Has Its Time Come?

Is Check Payee Line Verification still necessary? It turns out it is for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance. Find out more here.

How to Tackle Your Structured Forms Project

Find out how to successfully address the challenges of structured forms and ensure data accuracy.

Data Extraction: How to Hit Home Runs

Hit Home Runs in data extraction by going beyond basic OCR automation and leveraging advanced ICR capabilities

Data Extraction: Not Your Average OCR

Going beyond OCR to extract important, context-based data from documents with high reliability and accuracy.