Unattended Automation: Where It's Possible

Attended and Unattended Automation for Document Processing

Explore the difference between attended and unattended automation with document-oriented processes and where each is most effective here in this article.
Intelligent Automation: What Does It Really Mean?

AI & IA: What Does Intelligent Automation Really Mean?

What does it mean to apply intelligent automation? How is it different from any other automation? Find out in this article.
Robotic Process Automation: Rediscovering Advanced Capture

Robotic Process Automation: Rediscovering Advanced Capture

RPA allows organizations to "rediscover" advanced capture with solutions that are simple to use with advanced capabilities. Find out more here.

Information Needs Drive Cognitive RPA | Sourcing Industry Group

Take an in-depth look at document processing automation at the core of cognitive RPA or Robotic Process Automation and its impact on operations.
Cognitive RPA | Automate | Assessing the Challenges

Cognitive RPA: Assessing the Challenges

Tackling more complex processes leveraging enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requires overcoming some significant challenges. This article explores how to meet those challenges.

Document Automation: Drilling into the Core of Cognitive RPA

Drilling into cognitive robotic process automation (RPA) reveals document automation at its center. This article focuses on cognitive RPA and what it means to your business.

Robotic Process Automation: Is It the Silver Bullet?

Is RPA the silver bullet? Dispelling myths and getting at the facts of today's state of document processing and robotic process automation.