Fraud Prevention NOT just for Banks

Fraud Prevention Not Just for Banks | State & Local Government

Fraud Prevention is not just for banks, state & local government help prevent fraud very cost effectively using signature verification automation.
Signature Verification: will automation improve citizen engagement?

Signature Verification: Will Automation Improve Citizen Engagement?

Signature Verification: Will Automation Improve Citizen Engagement? It's a very real possibility. Find out how and why here.
AI Combats Voter Fraud

Artificial Intelligence Combats Voter Fraud | Signature Verification

Artificial intelligence (AI) combats voter fraud via new avenues. Signature verification automation powered by AI offers new levels of accuracy and speed.

Best Practices for Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) significantly impacts business operation’s bottomline and customer onboarding experiences. Here are a few best practices for KYC compliance.

Is Signature Matching the Same as Signature Verification?

Puzzling out Signature Matching and Signature Verification and everything in-between.

Using Biometric Signatures with Electronic Signatures

There is a great new AIIM whitepaper on use of digital signatures…

The Kofax Acquisition of Softpro - A Step Forward for Biometric Signatures?

A big piece of news occurred a few weeks ago and is still in…

Three Types of Dark Data that Get Missed

Organizations today are looking for ways to shed light on “Dark…

How are AIIM Professionals Using Signature Verification?

A thoroughly engaged group of AIIM professionals swapped stories…