Boise Technology Show Proves to be a Must-Attend Event

May 8, 2015 – The one-day Boise Technology Show proved to be a must-attend event for many participants in Idaho this year. The in-person networking and educational show focused on “Leadership in Technology,” and was organized by Fisher’s Technology. For entrepreneurs across Idaho, the show provided an essential way to quickly come up to speed on the latest business processing technologies, discover new services, and gain a read on potential new business opportunities.

Some of Idaho’s most talented, innovative business leaders shared their expertise on topics that ranged from learning how to navigate the flow of e-document capture and management to increasing process efficiencies for improved ROI. There were a total of 15 seminars throughout the day. Mark Gallagher, VP of Sales at Parascript, presented technology-driven strategies to reduce manual data entry workload and improve data search and retrieval.

Some of the largest challenges that businesses face are the result of process inefficiencies from the increasing volumes of data needing to be processed daily, inconsistent rules governing where documents are stored and how they are described, and no regular enforcement of information management policies. Rather than simply hire more staff or divert existing staff from their current core tasks, Gallagher proposed technology options to eliminate labor-intensive processes in favor of automated capture, document classification, and data extraction, and discussed recent Parascript case studies.

“The Boise Technology Show was a great venue for people to see advanced technology like our document auto-classification, receipt and invoice data extraction software in action,” said Gallagher. “For us, the show gave us an excellent opportunity to hear from customers about how they are implementing our software and how new customers might like to use it.”

The dual-track seminars were followed by a networking reception with key note speaker, MWI Veterinary Supply CEO Jim Cleary on the Owyhee rooftop with prize giveaways. Among the prize giveaways, Parascript and Epson provided a lightweight Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document Scanner that retails at $179.99.

About Parascript, LLC

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