Bridgeway Diagnostics Installs Parascript AccuDetect CAD

Phenix City, Alabama – New Bridgeway Diagnostics Center, a physician owned diagnostic radiology practice providing the latest in state-of-the-art imaging and expert image analysis, is announcing it’s the first in the Southeast region to install Parascript AccuDetect Computer Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography to more effectively diagnose suspicious breast lesions.

Located in Phenix City, Alabama, the Bridgeway Diagnostics outpatient imaging center serves patients across Alabama and Georgia. It was the first imaging center in the country to purchase GE SenoClaire 3D tomosynthesis solution, and the first in Southeast region to purchase Parascript AccuDetect CAD, the latest FDA approved CAD software for digital mammography.

Bridgeway Diagnostic assembled some of the most advanced technology in the country to tailor each exam to the patient, in order to get the most precise diagnosis while also providing women with greater peace of mind.

“A big challenge with mammography screening is to detect suspicious lesions in dense breasts where cancer is harder for radiologists to find. We want to provide women the most precise and safe mammography screening tailored to their needs,” said Dr. Jason Hoover, the Bridgeway Diagnostics Medical Director. “Our digital breast tomography equipment, AccuDetect CAD, and automated breast ultrasound enable us to look for hard-to-find cancers and provide patients with high accuracy screening and the lowest radiation dose possible during every exam. We have seen a significant increase in patients since we installed these cutting edge technologies at our facility.”

“We are happy to see a leading imaging facility such as Bridgeway Diagnostics adopt our next-generation CAD technology,” said Yuri Prizemin, Director of Business Development at Parascript. “We all look forward to the day when cancer is no longer a threat and, in the meantime, are focused on helping radiologists to find cancers early when they are easier to treat.”

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