Parascript Document Automation


Put Parascript self-learning document automation at the core of cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable your complex document-based process to access key data. Parascript software reduces manual processing, improves efficiency and ensures your data quality.  Parascript software automatically collects key data in the background to support your business systems and updates existing document rule sets using machine learning-based AI, optimizing your document process workflows.

Document Automation at Core of RPA


Add Advanced Document Capture to Your RPA

Enable your Robotic Process Automation to classify, locate, extract and verify data from structured forms to the most complex documents. Parascript document automation works with any Robotic Process Automation solution through automated document mapping and self-learning software.

Beyond OCR and ICR for RPA

Parascript self-learning document automation moves beyond OCR capabilities so you process structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents—including handwritten data—from mobile, fax, fileshare, email, scanners and more in a single workflow. It’s single stream, straight-through processing no matter what your documents.



The Parascript Paradigm

Parascript self-learning software processes high volumes of documents faster, using fewer people with less errors. Parascript document automation for RPA solves the cost and complexity challenges of today’s industry recognition solutions. Our software automatically:

  • Configures itself and adapts to changing streams of documents
  • Measures and improves system performance
  • Completes tasks without the typical time and expense of professional services
  • Analyzes documents through self-learning from your tagged samples
  • Creates a document map with only the click of a button
  • Collects background data during operations and uses it to measure and improve performance with no change to existing workflows

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