Thanks For Being A Valued Parascript Partner

While we have many partners and clients here at Parascript, our relationship with Conduent stands out. We have worked together on innovative solutions for the financial industry, our history spans several years of successful endeavors, and we both strive to provide the best products and services to businesses and organizations around the world. Since we’ve worked together for so long, the team at Parascript wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation of everything you do and offer some new ways we can support you and your teams in 2023.

Below, you’ll find a list of Parascript’s key strengths, and some unique gifts we can offer to the talented teams at Conduent. Last but not least, we’ve also included a Holiday Greeting Card at the bottom of this page made special just for you, so be sure not to miss it! We put all of this together because we know that the future holds bright things for both Conduent and Parascript, and we’re excited to forge new paths alongside you. Please read on below, and when you’re ready to discuss these ideas with our friendly team, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • 25 Years Of Capture

    Did you know that Parascript has been developing pattern recognition software for more than 25 years? That's a lot of industry experience!

  • US-Based Research & Development

    Our R&D team is based at our headquarters in Colorado, not overseas, so you don't have to fight with time zones to work with us.

  • Unique NLP Technologies

    With our custom-built Natural Language Processing technology, you can easily find data in completely unstructured documents like legal contracts or loan documents.

  • Fast Deployment With Smart Learning

    Parascript products can be configured in hours rather than months due to proprietary Smart Learning technologies.

  • Industry-Leading Handwriting Recognition

    By pushing the boundaries of ICR, the Parascript brand has become synonymous with fast and accurate handwriting recognition and extraction.

  • Dynamic Signature Matching

    Using built-in signature verification technologies, our solutions can prevent fraud and verify identities using signature images, digital signatures, or both.

Gifts Made Just For You, Conduent

We hope you'll consider accepting them!

Mortgage Automation

From classification to extraction, our technology can process complex documents with ease.

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Government Lockbox

Increase accuracy of your lockbox solutions with Parascript's proven software.

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Revenue Cycle

Take the human out of the loop with predefined modules for EOP/EOB reconciliation.

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These gifts are just a few ways that we are confident we can expand our partnership with Conduent to help increase the accuracy and efficiency of your solutions. During this holiday season, we are eager to show you how our capabilities can help you be more successful, and we encourage you to consider trying out a few of Parascript’s exciting new products.

Looking Forward To 2023

As we look forward into the new year, the team at Parascript is developing new ways to support our clients and partners. We know we have a lot to offer, and with our industry-leading expertise and service, we’d like to put our knowledge to work for you. Your business is important to us, so if you’d like to set up a meeting in the coming months, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your primary contacts below:

Robb Cope, Sales Director
Ati Azemoun, VP Business Development
Dawn Wood, VP Sales

We look forward to continuing to work with the Conduent team in the coming years!

Thanks for reading,
– The Team At Parascript