Document Automation for Classification, Data Location, Extraction & Verification

From automated data entry involving handwritten forms to classifying and parsing more complex data, Parascript software makes it easy for Deloitte to achieve high levels of automation with straight through processing.

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Dynamic Classification

Automatically organize your documents to support compliance, discovery and data management.

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FormXtra.AI Smart Learning, auto-configuration software delivers the highest accuracy and STP rates.

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Extensive Data Extraction

Capture data types anywhere on the document, eliminating manual data entry and reducing costs.

Intelligent Document Processing at Deloitte

With Smart Learning—Parascript’s applied machine learning platform for document-based information—we make it easier for Deloitte to achieve high performance data results. Using only sample input data, the system configures and tunes itself. Once in production, it maintains and even improves performance, taking away the hassles and headaches associated with analyzing new document variations, adjusting rules and verifying results. For over 25 years, Parascript software has been renowned for its precision with STP of 90% and greater with 99% accurate data.

  • Unstructured Handwriting Recognition

    Handwriting recognition to automate notes and observations from workflow studies

  • Complex Data Extraction

    Data extraction on invoices to automate key processes associated with tax recovery services - see case study

  • Data Entry Automation

    Automating data entry from commercial tax forms

  • Automated Verification of Data

    Verify data automatically from commercial tax forms

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