Document Classification

Organize document data for compliance, discovery, & process management

Document Classification

Organize document data for compliance, discovery, & process management

Parascript Document Classification

Parascript® Document Classification enables you to efficiently and quickly organize document-based information to support compliance, discovery, and data management applications.

Classification Made Easy

Parascript Document Classification makes understanding and organizing your documents a simple process. Even if you don’t know anything about your volumes of documents, you can automatically organize them. Once they are classified, you can create simple workflows for metadata and even use the data within your documents to ensure more-descriptive searchable data.

Our solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring you the best available document classification. For optimal results, three types of classifiers auto-analyze text-based documents, image-based documents or a combination of both:  the Content Classifier, the Visual Classifier, and the Combined Classifier. Content classification employs text-based features of documents. Visual classification uses “feature extraction” based upon key visual characteristics of the documents. Combined classification uses both of them and synthesizes the results for the best answer.



Key Benefits of Document Classification

Parascript Document Classification provides key benefits for enhanced business processing and optimized workflows in these areas:

  • Compliance. Easily and comprehensively scan documents for any type of sensitive information. Once identified, the software can even redact the information.
  • Discovery. Automate the process of grouping documents and use this information to process an entire volume of documents to support legal or compliance needs.
  • Migration. Take collections of documents  and easily organize, extract, and apply key metadata to simplify and organize documents into a content management system.
  • Reduce ROT (Redundancy, Obsolete, Trivial). Identify duplicate documents and documents that don’t need to be preserved and easily remove them.

Extract and Leverage All Data

Unique to Parascript’s document classification is the ability to organize documents not only on features and text, but also on imagery and handwritten information on the document including presence of signatures. This means that, regardless of how the information is presented, you can be assured that classification is based upon all of the available information on the document, not just a portion. Documents with sensitive information, such as handwritten social security numbers, can be included in your classification workflow and are easily identified. If presence of logos or other imagery can help to separate one document class from another, that too can be used.



Auto-Discovery: From Unknown to Known

Many document classification solutions require Subject Matter Experts who are familiar with the organization’s existing “information taxonomy” to assemble samples of targeted documents, a time-intensive, expensive preparation task. With Parascript document classification, you can go from completely unknown documents to known in minutes.

Simply import a volume of documents and Parascript Document Classification automatically groups documents based upon content or feature likeness without any preparation. Grouped documents can then be reviewed and used as samples to perform classification. This process ensures that any classification project is as comprehensive as possible without incurring the typical preparation costs.

Reduce Costs

Simple to Use While Reducing Costs

Import any volume without any preparation and have the software automatically group them. Visually move documents from one group to another and name them to create classes, all without programming. Fine-tuning document classes is as simple as correcting results by moving results from one class to another and then re-train. Create complex classification rules with a visual rule-builder that can be combined with text or visual classification to create special classes of documents. Discovering important information about your documents and improved governance and document search has never been easier or more accessible. Parascript Document Classification drastically reduces the need for labor-intensive.


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