Document Processing

Automate Your Data Entry Process | More Accurate & Faster than Humans | Access Your Data

Document Processing

Automate Your Data Entry Process | More Accurate & Faster than Humans | Access Your Data

Document Processing: It’s Not Just About Paper

Document-based information crucial to many business processes is on a dramatic increase putting increased time and cost pressure as organizations attempt to meet ever-changing customer expectations, and most is born digital. The ability to manage all manner of documents, whether scanned, faxed or generated from applications, is critical  to maximize efficiency, adaptability and the customer experience, all while reducing costs.

Parascript FormXtra.AI, using Smart Learning, turns complex, time-consuming, costly and error-prone activities common with advanced capture into simple compute time, which creates optimized configurations that enable straight through processing for document classification and separation. FormXtra.AI meets data extraction needs for structured to unstructured data whether text or handwriting.

Any Document. Any Data. Any Source.

FormXtra.AI Capture

FormXtra.AI Capture

FormXtra.AI Capture is an easy-to-use document classification, data location, extraction and validation solution that uses Smart Learning to reduce upfront and ongoing configuration to minutes instead of months. FormXtra.AI significantly reduces the complexity and costs associated with document classification and data extraction by automatically configuring image perfection, classification and data extraction rules.

FormXtra.AI SDK

FormXtra.AI SDK

Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK is the core document automation engine that powers FormXtra.AI Capture. It supports the widest range of document and data types in the market from structured forms to unstructured documents that include text, handwriting, cursive and signatures. All configurations are managed by Smart Learning which significantly reduces cost and complexity associated with configuration and tuning.


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Form Automation

Parascript FormXtra.AI form automation offers the best available handwriting recognition and machine-print capture solution with higher quality results than Optical Character Recognition (OCR) form processing. Parascript form data extraction leverages deep learning-based handwriting recognition developed over 25 years of industry research. The Parascript forms recognition software has been trained on the largest repository of handwriting recognition in the world. Parascript document automation achieves higher accuracy rates than humans and is used by the largest corporations to process billions of documents annually.

Invoice Automation

Parascript invoice recognition processes highly-variant invoices and excels in capabilities far beyond any OCR application program interface (invoice OCR API). It easily extracts complex data from highly varied, multifaceted business invoices. Our pre-built and pre-tuned invoice data extraction beats competing solutions by as much as 50% or more delivering more than 85% of the data on an invoice in a straight through processing at greater than 95% accuracy.

Invoice Capture
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Receipt Automation

Automatically classify, locate and extract all key data from your receipts captured using desktop scanners, portable scanners and mobile devices for your expense management, taxes and purchasing analysis. FormXtra.AI for receipts is a template-less solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning developed for easy receipt data extraction and processing.

Claims Automation

Parascript offers a pre-built, pre-tuned capability to process CMS-1450 and CMS-1500 claims forms. And with virtual drop-out for claims processing that has set a new standard for classification and recognition for black-and-white claims, Parascript software helps you overcome image quality and scaling challenges. Parascript deep learning algorithms improve out-of-the-box accuracy to the industry’s highest level. Service providers expand their data capture offerings while insurers streamline their workflow processes and lower costs.

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Document Classification Automation

Using advanced deep learning neural networks along with other machine learning techniques, Parascript document classification software automatically identifies, classifies and separates your documents. It learns the key features that can be used to reliably identify one document from another based on examples of your documents, which is all you need to provide. It also learns how to separate your documents within a single PDF or TIFF file.


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