DOCUMENT Strategy Magazine – Big Content Classification Myths Debunked

DOCUMENT Strategy Magazine – April 2015 issue – Gaining insights from big content has been overhyped and under delivered. On this, almost everyone agrees. The paradox is big content is only getting bigger and promises substantial potential in driving revenue, cost savings, and innovation. Taking advantage of the “big content promise” first requires its classification for retrieval and analysis. Only a few top organizations and industry leaders feel that they have successfully accomplished this to date. Taking full advantage of the potential requires an entirely new approach to big content classification and dispelling the many myths that surround it….


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Succeeding in Big Content Classification

Successful classification that leads to deriving business value from big content requires a joint effort by IT and the business to leverage the necessary software and business knowhow for a complete classification solution. It requires carefully selecting the right classification software that provides a combination of methods that best fit different types of documents. It also requires starting small and thinking big for consistent success, early and often.