Parascript Education Services

Parascript Education Services

We offer comprehensive education services to meet all of your needs.


Parascript software provides the highest level of straight through  processing at the highest accuracy in the shortest time-to-live. In order to get everything you can out of your Parascript  software investment, we offer comprehensive education services  that are optimized to ensure the maximum level of understanding.
Parascript offers three levels of education:

Scheduled Classroom Sessions
Custom Onsite Training
Computer-based Training
Parascript Education Services -bring laptop only

Scheduled Classroom Sessions

Parascript offers training in a classroom setting at its offices in  Longmont, Colorado. As part of classroom training, the student  is supplied with a fully-configured version of FormXtra.AI  software, digital handouts and lab workbooks. The only thing the  student needs to bring is a laptop computer.

Parascript FormXtra.AI Basic Training

Three-day Course at $2,000 USD per student

This course provides the student with a  foundational understanding of FormXtra.AI so that they can configure  and deploy simple to moderately complex installations.

Topics covered in Basic Training:

  • Introduction to Parascript FormXtra.AI
  • Form Definition Studio Overview
  • Document Classification
  • Creating a Structured Form Definition
  • Fields with Validation
  • Handwritten Fields Concepts
  • Working with Tables
  • Creating Semi-structured Form Definition
  • Release of Data
  • User Management
  • Monitoring Batches and Operator Status
  • Installing FormXtra.AI

Parascript FormXtra.AI Advanced Training

Two-day Course following Basic Training at $1,500 USD per student

Prerequisite: Parascript FormXtra.AI Basic training

The advanced program builds upon the  basic training by adding instruction for  more complex scenarios that require more extensive configuration knowledge.

Topics covered in Advanced Training:

  • Image Preprocessing
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Dynamic Tables
  • Validation Options
  • Verification Options
  • Reporting
  • Complex Installation
  • Smart Learning
  • Rules-based Classifier

Next Training: April 20, 2020

Due to various corporate travel restrictions and CDC guidelines, the next FormXtra.AI training session is via distance learning.
To take advantage of our Parascript Education Services, please contact your Sales Director; contact us via email at or phone us at 888.225.0169 to participate in our live online training class.

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