“Forming a Technology Partnership” in Credit Union Business Magazine

Forming a technology partnership with Parascript, Antuary and Northwest Bank Technology facilitated one of the largest credit unions in the Southwest to develop a truly integrated business process solution. As one of the biggest and most innovative credit unions in the U.S., according to Credit Union Business Magazine, the management team wanted to leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and enhance member experience. They looked to Northwest Bank Technology, Antuary and Parascript to enhance their business processes. The integrated system provides streamlined end-of-day workflow, reduction in fraudulent checks and reductions in processing time for greater efficiencies and enhanced customer service. Instead of spending time processing checks manually, tellers have more time to spend with their customers to better meet their needs and let them know about the latest product and service offerings. Full details are available in the article,  “Forming a Technology Partnership: Increase Efficiency and Enhance Member Experience” of the Credit Union Business Magazine November 2014 issue.