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Forms Data Extraction

Fast, Secure, and Efficient Automation

Forms Data Extraction

Parascript Forms Data Extraction solution supports time-sensitive business processes by:

  • Classifying, locating, extracting, and validating data for all documents regardless of format or type
  • Processing information so that it’s easily accessible by workflows and business systems
  • Validating document processing from point-of-receipt through to business systems

Parascript FormXtra Capture captures any data type, anywhere on the document, which reduces manual data entry and leads to significant cost reductions. > Learn more about FormXtra Capture

Enhanced workflow

Automate & Streamline Document Processing

Parascript software streamlines document management through automating capture, classification, data location, extraction and validation. It automatically processes multi-page documents with machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint, and even cursive handwriting that drives reduction in human processing time resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and savings. 


Complete Workflow with Secure Data Validation

Parascript FormXtra Capture helps eliminate manual data entry along with the security issues and errors introduced in repetitive, manual data handling. FormXtra automatically processes high volumes of incoming data, ensures greater document security, and facilitates higher accuracy.

Document-centric and field-centric validation workflows support a broad range of scenarios enabling just the single field or snippet (such as social security number, date of birth, and account numbers) to be sent for confirmation which ensures privacy of sensitive information and increases productivity.

Protect Sensitive Data

Parascript Claims Processing

Your solutions power better healthcare. Let our technology deliver the data.

In the era of automation, medical claims still represent a significant amount of paper-handling that increases overall processing time and cost. Manual data entry from these claim forms is slow, expensive and introduces potential for errors.

Parascript provides not only pre-built configuration for claims documents, but each field is tuned and optimized to achieve a specific statistically-measured accuracy rate. Parascript deep learning algorithms improve out-of-the-box accuracy to the industy’s highest level.

Parascript offers a single platform that can help you to improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower cost no matter what type of claim you have to process.

Signature Verification

Verify Signature Authenticity

Locate and verify any signature by comparing to a database or between a set of documents. Extract signatures to create a reference signature database.


Form Processing – A Brief Demo

Watch our brief, 4-minute form processing demonstration to see how our software works for you. Parascript software is used by BPOs, service providers, VARs, OEMs, system integrators, insurance and financial organizations, saving billions of dollars in data entry expenses each year.

FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture

Parascript’s FormXtra custom module for Kofax Capture offers users the capability to rapidly and accurately process handwritten forms, locate and protect sensitive handwritten data, automate check data extraction, as well as locate and verify the authenticity of signatures. FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture provides the most comprehensive data location and extraction capabilities available. Kofax Capture users can process a wide range of documents from unconstrained and unstructured handwritten forms to automatic signature location and verification.

Productive Processing

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