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FormXtra Custom Module

Easy, Affordable Advanced Capture and Recognition for Kofax Capture

FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture

Parascript’s FormXtra custom module for Kofax Capture offers users the capability to rapidly and accurately process handwritten forms, locate and protect sensitive handwritten data, automate check data extraction, as well as locate and verify the authenticity of signatures.

FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture provides the most comprehensive data location and extraction capabilities available. Kofax Capture users can process a wide range of documents from unconstrained and unstructured handwritten forms to automatic signature location and verification.

Reduce Costs

Maximize your Kofax Investment

Use existing document capture workflows to take full advantage of Kofax Capture document classification, image quality control, and validation without any changes.  Parascript’s FormXtra module allows you to maintain your environment while plugging in additional functionality.

Easily expand your document capture workflow to include handwritten forms, check processing, or signature verification.


Easy Configuration

Setting-up the system uses Kofax’s existing batch workflow management – just add the fields you want to the document class and Kofax and the FormXtra Module do the rest.

Easy configuration
Protect Sensitive Data

Full Spectrum of Data Support

FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture supports the full range of document information including machine print (even hard-to-read fonts such as dot matrix), constrained handprint common in structured forms, and unconstrained handwriting common in unstructured forms. The module also includes options for signature verification and check processing.

Configured to Your Exact Requirements

FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture comes with a GUI tool that enables you to have control over configurations. Easily create field types and business rules that are used by Kofax during document processing. With FormXtra Custom Module for Kofax Capture, you will be able to customize the data location and extraction capabilities to suit any need.

Productive Processing

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