Document Capture and Recognition

Tech Innovator Winner

- CRN Awards

Parascript's award-winning document capture and recognition software enables highly efficient document processing in one easy-to-use solution, without complex rules or add-ons. FormXtra Capture allows for processing any document type with any data type — machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive handwriting  resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and savings.

    • Any Data
    • Any Document
    • Any Source


Video | Data Capture Solution

Learn how Parascript FormXtra Capture automates complex document processing. It offers a high-performance intelligent document recognition solution that can capture and extract any data on any document and offers the power of advanced form processing to companies and organizations of all sizes.

See how you can:

    • Read any data type (machine print/OCR, handprint and even cursive handwriting/ICR, barcodes and OMR)
    • Automatically classify all document types, regardless of layout
    • Safely and securely validate sensitive information
    • Locate and verify signatures


White Paper | Intelligent Document Recognition

Download the white paper "Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) | Advanced Technology for Increased Productivity" to learn how advanced document capture software allows enterprises and organizations to automate data capture and data processing from all documents and data types to reduce manual data entry costs.

    • Understand IDR - data capture, document classification, document recognition and data validation
    • Review of business processes and requirements to evaluate intelligent document recognition 
    • Awareness of advanced document capture capabilities


Advanced Capture Software

Discovery why businesses turn to Parascript's advanced document capture software for all of their capture, classification, recognition and document processing needs. 

FormXtra Capture benefits:

    • Read all data types, any document format
    • Capture documents from any source
    • Simplify batch processing with dynamic document sorting
    • Improve workflow flexibility with mixed document capture
    • Validate signatures with integrated dynamic signature location and verification
    • Process checks with integrated check recognition
    • Protect sensitive information and improve efficiency with advanced data validation
    • Easily integrate with SharePoint and ECM systems