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Get superior FDA-approved mammography CAD while reducing your cost by 90%

Using Computer-Aided Detection or CAD in mammography should be about improving the standard of care, not about excessive IT expenses. Get superior performance and reduce your cost by 90% whether you are looking for a new system or would like to reduce support payments for your current system.

Parascript revolutionizes mammography CAD by providing the best-performing system for dense breast tissue, improves both sensitivity and specificity, and does it in a third of the time required by other available products. FIND OUT MORE.

AccuDetect is the only mammography CAD product known to increase sensitivity while increasing specificity in CAD-assisted reading during retrospective clinical study used for FDA PMA submission.

Overall Benefits

Parascript AccuDetect CAD for Mammography offers increased sensitivity and specificity of radiologists* - 18.8%* increase in cancer detection while delivering a 14.2%* decrease in recalls (decrease in patients sent for diagnostic workup). Additional benefits include:

    • High performance on dense breasts*
      • 85% sensitivity* and 43%* specificity
      • Sensitivity and specificity on dense breasts similar to sensitivity (90%*) and specificity (46%*) on fatty and scattered fibroglandular breasts
      • False positive on dense breasts is less than false positive on scattered and fibroglandular breasts*
    • Low false positive rates*

*Based on a 2012 retrospective reader study submitted for PMA approval. FDA approval for AccuDetect obtained on August 22, 2013. Please see AccuDetect product labeling for complete clinical data.