Laserfiche Empower 2015 Highlights Innovation and Shifts in Customer Needs

January 24, 2015 — Boulder, CO — Laserfiche Empower 2015 highlighted changing customer needs and provided an excellent showcase for customers employing cutting edge technology as part of their innovative business process strategies. The conference had over 2500 attendees this year, and the Parascript team had four partners: Fisher’s Technology, SMARTfiles, FutureNet Group and Paper Dock represented at the conference, as well as their customers and other interested attendees who visited the booth.

Addressing the Classic and Next Generation Problems

For over two decades, Parascript has provided an application platform that derives meaning from unstructured document data and images. This ranges from handwritten training documents in the field, state and local government forms such as permit applications and check verification to automate payment processes. Parascript captures critical data from each source, reducing the need for tedious, repetitive and error-prone manual entry of vast amounts of data.

In our technology-driven daily lives, people are often surprised to discover how much legacy historical data exists in physical archives as well as the regularly generated unstructured data that organizations need to dynamically capture, verify and classify into accessible, organization-wide systems.

In terms of meeting the next generation of customer needs and demands, Parascript found that attendees were interested in document discovery for compliance with government regulations among other uses including document control. Today, data is collected from more sources than ever before including siloed databases, file shares, laptops, tablets and other devices, to name a few. Organizations are looking to automate sorting this information, locating and extracting key content for searchable metadata and for applying taxonomies.

The Parascript team enjoyed having the opportunity to demonstrate how its application platform meets these needs. At the booth and in presentations, the team also demonstrated functionality such as handwritten application processing which is very common in state and local governments. It also showcased receipt recognition to demonstrate Parascript’s dynamic data extraction capabilities and accuracy in dealing with unstructured forms. As everyone knows who has filled out an expense report and tracked their receipts, they come in all sizes and formats. Parascript provides high accuracy in capture and classification of unstructured receipt data. It’s easy to take the next logical leap and leverage the Parascript platform for unstructured invoices as well.

People are investing in technology to move away from time-consuming manual data entry in order to have more time for more important activities both internally and for their customers. Organizations are using Parascript as part of their integrated technology solution for streamlined business processes, more efficient workflows and better response time to their customers.

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About Parascript, LLC

Parascript is the leading provider of advanced image analysis, intelligent classification and data extraction applications that enable organizations to streamline and enhance their multistep, human-centric administrative tasks, optimizing the effectiveness of business process management. Our advanced capture technology processes virtually any document format and text type—including handprint, machine print, cursive, logos, images and marks—providing rapid, reliable access to critical data while improving the user experience. Fortune 2000 companies, postal operators in Europe and the U.S. Postal Service, major government and financial services corporations rely on the Parascript application suite, which is distributed through its OEM and value-added reseller networks.