Mammography Technologists at MRHS

Mena Regional Health Adopts Fujifilm and Parascript Technologies

Longmont, Colorado Parascript announces that Mena Regional Health System (MRHS) has adopted Fujifilm’s Aspire Cristalle and Parascript® AccuDetect® Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) for mammography to ensure dose reduction, higher image quality and fewer false-positives. MRHS, named in the top 100 rural and community hospitals in the United States by iVantage Health Analytics, is located in the Ouachita mountains of rural Arkansas. The hospital has received multiple awards for its quality service, employing state-of-the-art technology for optimal patient care.

“We are the only hospital in the area so we are committed to offering a high level of service to save patients from having to drive an hour or more for the best medical services,” said Todd Laing, Director of Radiology at MRHS. “So, when we adopt new technology, we take our time to evaluate all our options. It took us almost two years to fully evaluate the leading products. Working with Southeast Imaging, we found that the Cristalle and AccuDetect offered the most advanced solution.”

In June, Southeast Imaging completed the installations of Fujifilm Cristalle and Parascript AccuDetect for MRHS. Southeast Imaging provides imaging equipment and IT services to hospitals and practices across the southeastern United States. Parascript’s AccuDetect, the next generation CAD, assists in the early detection of breast cancer when coupled with full-field digital mammography systems such as FujiFilm Aspire Cristalle advanced digital mammography system. These technologies combined provide exceptional imaging for all breast types, offering the highest resolution images on the market today coupled with the lowest patient dose, and with precise CAD markings for areas of interest.

“There’s no comparison from what I can see now compared to what I used to be able to see,” said MRHS Radiologist Dr. Jonathan Welsh. “It is a combination of the resolution of the Cristalle device and AccuDetect software that helps identify what I might want to follow up. We just had a case that if it weren’t for the CAD, I might not have called this patient back for additional testing. Over all, we’re calling back a lot fewer patients for additional imaging, which is a lot better for our patients. I’m actually referring fewer biopsies as well.”

Historically, CAD software have identified false-positives—where a mammogram shows an abnormal area that looks like a cancer and turns out to be normal, but this solution can reduce false-positives. It can be stressful and costly for patients called back into the office for further screening. Parascript AccuDetect CAD uses multiple independent cancer detection algorithms and a unique patented voting methodology to combine its findings. Comparing the results of the multiple image recognition processes allows for improved sensitivity and reduced false-positive rates.

In terms of the installation process, Director Laing admits that he was surprised. “We have put in a lot of other new technologies recently, and there are always unexpected challenges,” said Director Laing. “There were a lot of moving parts other than just installing the machine. Even though we have a lot of systems that it had to be integrated with, this had to be one of our easiest installs.”

Improved Patient Experience

Almost no one really wants to go in for a mammography exam so ensuring it is a comfortable, unstressful event with timely results has always been a high priority at MCHS. The Fuji Cristalle is equipped with a patented comfort paddle from the chest wall out and also laterally from side-to-side around the breast so compression is more effective than with the traditional paddle method and more can be seen while keeping a close chest wall image, according to Heath Allen, Mammography Sales Manager of Southeast Imaging.

“I have heard from several patients that this provides a significant increase in comfort during the exam. The compression is better than ever before, and yet, the patient is more comfortable,” said Dr. Welsh. “That’s helpful to me and the patient.”

Fujifilm’s Aspire Cristalle with AccuDetect CAD offer faster results. AccuDetect CAD processes images significantly faster than other CAD providers with a processing time of 11 seconds per image, and 45 seconds per 4-view study.

“It is amazing how much quicker our team can process these images,” said Director Laing.

About Mena Regional Health Services
Mena Regional Health Services located in Mena, Arkansas, is a patient-focused team of healthcare professionals committed to providing individualized care and a diverse compliment of inpatient and outpatient services to the communities of Polk County, Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. Inpatient services include acute care medical/surgical services, ICU, labor and delivery, geriatric psychiatry unit (Mena Senior Behavioral Health Center) and an acute care physical rehabilitation unit (Mena Rehabilitation Center). Outpatient services include; Ouachita Rehabilitation Center, radiology, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology clinics. Mena Regional Health System is accredited by the Arkansas State Department of Health and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. MRHS is a model for regional healthcare in America that strives to always exceed the expectations of its customers. Visit Mena Regional Health System.

Southeast Imaging
Southeast Imaging (SEI), headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas, provides imaging equipment and IT services to much of the southeastern United States. Southeast Imaging provides highly successful solutions to major hospitals, rural hospitals, large practices and small practices alike. With an advanced selection of imaging equipment and multiple options for purchasing, SEI customizes its products and services to fit each customer’s specific goals and financial needs. Visit Southeast Imaging.

About Parascript, LLC
Parascript automates the extraction of meaningful, contextual data from image and document-based information. Parascript® AccuDetect® Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) software helps radiologists read digital mammograms. Using several complementary algorithms and a patented voting method to achieve high sensitivity and low false-positive rates, AccuDetect identifies areas suspicious for breast cancer for further review. AccuDetect improves the performance of radiologists in discriminating between malignant and nonmalignant cases. Visit Parascript Medical Imaging.