New Parascript Custom Module for Kofax Capture Offers Easy, Affordable Advanced Capture and Recognition Technology

August 19, 2014, LONGMONT, Colo. – Parascript ®, LLC, a leading document capture company, is announcing its new FormXtra® for Kofax Capture custom module. The software automatically configures to give Kofax Capture users easy access to Parascript’s advanced recognition technology−with the ability to easily process handwriting and machine print for structured and semi-structured documents, check recognition, and signature verification−all from the Kofax software.

“We are excited, at Parascript, to announce integration with Kofax. Our new FormXtra for Kofax Capture makes it easier, more accessible, and more affordable to access more types of information.  Integrators and their customers can easily expand their document capture capabilities and better realize their Kofax investment with access to handwritten information, check processing, signature verification and more,” said Greg Council, vice president of product and services at Parascript.

Kofax Capture gives businesses the ability to capture information from paper and electronic documents and forms for use in business applications, but does not support unconstrained handwriting or handprint.  And while Kofax Transformation Modules offers a broader set of capabilities, small and midsized businesses often do not need these advanced capabilities or do not have the budget for it. FormXtra for Kofax Capture capitalizes on the industry’s most comprehensive data location and extraction capabilities to help users gain full access to process unconstrained and unstructured handwriting and more, easily and affordably, from a single platform.

The software automatically installs on the server where the Kofax software resides and integrates with the Kofax Capture user interface, enabling users to:

  • Process forms with hand-completed information, including job applications, patient applications and health updates, and staffing records.
  • Automatically locate address information on purchase orders, invoices, and remittances to perform lookups that support reconciliation.
  • Automatically locate signatures to verify that forms are completed. Sort documents based upon matching signatures held within a master file.
  • Perform automated check data location and extraction to support validation of remittance data or update account records.

FormXtra for Kofax is currently available. For more information, please visit 

About Parascript, LLC

A leading document capture company, Parascript develops solutions that read information from forms and documents.  The company’s advanced recognition technology processes virtually any document format and text type (handprint, machine print, cursive, marks and more), providing fast, reliable access to information and transactions. Fortune 500 companies, postal operators (including the U.S. Postal Service), major government and financial institutions rely on Parascript software, which is distributed through its OEM and value added reseller networks, including partners such as IBM, EMC, Bell and Howell, Fiserv, Selex Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, and Burroughs.