New Software from Parascript makes it Easier for Businesses to Extract Information from Forms and Documents, Now Available Through Value Added Resellers

April 11, 2013, LONGMONT, Colo. – Parascript®, LLC, a leading recognition technology provider, today is announcing FormXtra Capture 5.2 for recognizing machine print, handprint and cursive writing on structured and semi-structured forms, giving businesses the ability to more easily obtain information from a wide variety of documents. The technology, available through value added resellers, gives businesses, government agencies, and others access to a more modern, completely reengineered interface to access Parascript’s suite of award-winning recognition technologies, known for providing some of the highest read rates in the industry.

With the announcement, Parascript continues its mission of supporting its value added reseller partners, and their end-users through best in class technology. In addition to simplifying forms processing with a plethora of new features being introduced in FormXtra Capture, the technology will also provide access to Parascript’s check recognition technology in coming months and its signature verification technology later this year.

A complete capture and recognition solution, FormXtra Capture advances Parascript’s award-winning technology to process structured, as well as semi-structured forms, and images that do not perfectly match a pre-defined template, such as scaled-down faxes and tables that may not be discretely defined. It can also assess field relationships to aid with location of data for extraction and can locate complex field types (e.g. addresses and other multi-lined fields), improving the range of data types that can be processed. Users can preview data live, run pre-defined and custom reports, and make output information available to SharePoint, as well as to databases or file formats.

Within the capture solution, users can also manage the capture process and workflow, in setting quality thresholds, creating workflows, and setting validation rules ranging from basic, to advanced double-blind, to support correction and auditing. For anything under the user’s predetermined accuracy threshold, FormXtra Capture can perform transactional validation, enabling just the single field, or snippet in question, to be sent to keyers for confirmation. This feature is especially advantageous for organizations needing to ensure the privacy of sensitive information including those in the finance and medical industries (i.e. PCI and HIPAA compliance).

FormXtra Capture comes with expanded API capabilities, giving value added resellers the ability to add new functionality and ensure integration with other systems.

“At Parascript, we are committed to continually advancing our technology. From reading machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint, and cursive on virtually any type of form, FormXtra Capture is a robust forms processing solution that will be very viable in many environments where capture-specific requirements are needed,” said Dwayne Ritchie, senior vice president, sales and marketing at Parascript. “We are excited to make FormXtra Capture available to end users through our value added reseller channel to help organizations streamline document processing and get critical business information into business processes quicker and with greater accuracy.”

FormXtra Capture will be available on May 15th through Parascript’s value added resellers. For more information, please visit or contact Parascript at 303-381-3100.

About Parascript, LLC

Parascript is a leading developer of cursive, handprint, and machine print recognition solutions. Leveraging digital image analysis and advanced pattern recognition, its software enables business automation in forms processing, postal and financial automation, and fraud prevention; and supports cancer screening in medical imaging. Parascript’s award-winning technology draws on a proven 15+ year track record and processes billions of document images annually. Fortune 500 companies, postal operators (including the U.S. Postal Service), major government and financial institutions rely on Parascript products, which are distributed through its OEM and Value Added Reseller networks, including partners such as: IBM, EMC, Bell and Howell, Fiserv, Selex Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, and Burroughs. Visit Parascript online at