New Software from Parascript Processes Greater Variety of Forms More Easily and Efficiently

August 27, 2012, LONGMONT, Colo. – Parascript®, LLC, a leading machine print, handprint and cursive recognition technology provider, today is announcing a new version of its FormXtra software toolkit that will help integrators and organizations achieve increased accuracy, flexibility and ease of integration in forms processing. FormXtra® SDK 5.0 automatically recognizes document types by look and content (whether static or variable in position) and can locate key data in machine print, hand print and/or cursive to help organizations easily extract important information.  The software greatly simplifies forms processing and increases return on investment through the use of a single package that can process a wider variety of forms (without requiring multiple toolkits, integrations and workflow rules). It also gives integrators more flexibility to meet exact end-user requirements for forms processing with a new .NET based API that offers greater customization.

“We are excited about this major announcement and FormXtra SDK’s even more powerful offering.  No other document processing platform provides more in one single engine, from automatically identifying form type to locating and recognizing data and enabling even tighter integration capabilities with other technologies. FormXtra SDK 5.0 gives integrators and their customers the power to automatically process more forms, more efficiently than before,” said Alexander Filatov, president and chief technology officer for Parascript.

The latest version of the software continues to capitalize on Parascript’s recognition technology, known for providing some of the highest read rates in the industry.  FormXtra SDK 5.0 uses advanced location techniques to identify data for recognition and extraction on any page within a batch. It can process images that do not perfectly match a pre-defined template, such as scaled-down faxes. It introduces new capabilities allowing for recognition of tables that may not be discretely defined, such as on transactional data found on invoices and purchase orders. FormXtra SDK 5.0 can also help locate sensitive content that needs to be redacted in order to support compliance. The result is that organizations can capture more information and reduce expenses associated with manual data entry.

FormXtra’s new, more universal .NET API offers a greater degree of control and functionality for integration. Combined with multiple CPU and 64-bit computing support, developers can create complex, high-volume workflows with rich document processing rules that are tightly integrated with their technologies.

FormXtra SDK 5.0 will be available on August 31st.  For more information, please visit or contact Parascript at 303-381-3100.

About Parascript, LLC

Parascript is a leading developer of cursive, handprint, and machine print recognition technology. Leveraging digital image analysis and advanced pattern recognition, its software enables business automation in areas like forms processing, postal and financial automation, fraud prevention and medical imaging. Parascript’s award-winning technology draws on a proven 15+ year track record and processes billions of document images annually. Fortune 500 companies, postal operators (including the U.S. Postal Service), major government and financial institutions rely on Parascript products, which are distributed through its partner network, including: IBM, EMC, Bell and Howell, Fiserv, Selex Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, and Burroughs. Visit Parascript online at