Parascript and Softline Announce Global Strategic Partnership

Parascript and Softline today announced a global strategic partnership to deliver document processing solutions powered by machine learning that enables businesses to gain more access to higher quality data for their operations. Softline, a leading global information technology (IT) solutions and services provider, helps its customers implement best-fit solutions based on their business needs in order to achieve top results.

Parascript technology will now play an integral role in Softline state-of-the-art business automation with its advanced document classification, data location, extraction and validation. Softline is the first partner to implement Parascript document processing automation in Russia.

“Softline is a visionary company in business process automation, and we’re excited about this new partnership,” said Kaz Jaszczak, VP of Automation. “Softline and Parascript have a natural synergy because we both strive to put the customer first and have a shared vision with firsthand experience on how to bring clients into the future with our technology solutions.”

Softline has already implemented Parascript software for a major grocery store chain that required high-quality data results integrated with their HR and accounting processing systems. They also needed to dramatically reduce the time to process their forms, which were unstructured and included handwritten text. Manually keying in data is inherently error-prone and time-consuming. Automation removes some manual steps and allows the company to consistently process much higher volumes of complex documents with guaranteed quality results, freeing up employees for more value-added work.

“Our partnership will help make our customers more successful. The high customer satisfaction in this first implementation is a good indicator of how we plan to harness the power of Parascript artificial intelligence software to accelerate client productivity and reduce costs,” said Mikhail Savitsky, Head of the Division, Development and Introduction Department. “Handwritten forms are still common today and need to be efficiently and accurately processed, and that is just one of the areas in which Parascript excels.”

Previously, hand written documents required staff members to manually enter the information. Over the years, Parascript has dramatically improved automated handwriting recognition and dispelled the initial skepticism regarding its accuracy, which is the highest quality in the industry, and improved what the technology is actually capable of reading. Parascript software easily handles both machine-print and handwritten forms in a single solution.

Parascript also deploys template-less, neural network-based document extraction with a machine learning platform that supports custom-developed recognition projects with much quicker turnaround than traditional rules-based approaches. The result is significantly faster production with more reliable and refined results for clients.

To view Softline’s press release in Russian, click here.

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