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The Parascript Difference

We create best-in-class artificial intelligence software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision.  Any document. Any data. Any source.

Our software analyzes over 100 billion documents annually and extracts critical information for financial services, government agencies and the healthcare industry. Our clients are our partners—Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs), service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)—in the U.S. and across the world.

Through digital image analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced pattern recognition, Parascript software enables business automation in documents, forms, mail processing, transaction processing and fraud prevention. Parascript technology is unique in its focus on precision document processing. High automation is our goal. Low error rates contribute to significant downstream cost reductions and higher customer satisfaction. Parascript software touches just about everyone in the U.S. who sends mail or writes a check. Our software:

  • Improves document processing efficiency and data accuracy for organizations across the globe.
  • Reduces data entry expenses for many clients by as much as 95 percent.
  • Saves our clients billions of dollars each year.

Our Commitment—Your Success.

Parascript difference

The History

In 1989, venture capitalists from Boulder and a team of Russian scientists formed ParaGraph that built software leveraging AI, pattern recognition and machine learning to automatically recognize handwriting and translate it into machine readable format. In 1993, Apple leveraged this software for the Newton series of personal digital assistants, and later on, Microsoft used ParaGraph technology in its tablet operating systems. ParaGraph scientists then piqued the market’s interest once again with unique multimedia and 3D/virtual reality technology, which was bought by Silicon Graphics. In 1996, the team launched Parascript, the data capture and recognition business.

Renowned for its pattern recognition, machine learning techniques and image analysis technologies, Parascript focuses on software solutions that deliver precise data extraction. We have a unique team of highly experienced engineers and scientists—over a third with PhDs—many with national and international awards in mathematics and programming. For two decades, these automation solutions have helped BPOs, service providers, VARs, OEMs, system integrators, postal and financial organizations save billions of dollars in data entry expenses. Our client partners include GE, IBM, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Philips and NCR to name a few. Our software helps many large companies and agencies such as the United States Postal Service, Bank of America, Deutsche Post and Wells Fargo.

The Culture

New ideas have always defined the culture at Parascript. Every innovation leverages our in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technologies—such as Deep Learning—to advance our software for our clients and our future partners. For example, Parascript Document Classification uniquely combines both visual and content classification to automate the document organization process for improved information governance; and today, SignatureXpert offers universal locator capabilities that allow for processing any type of check anywhere in the world. In 2017, Parascript launched the first document capture with advanced machine learning.

As we innovate, we leverage our extensive experience and deep expertise to build software that solves complex business challenges — and deliver the world’s most advanced data extraction solutions.

Parascript difference

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