“Parascript Latest to Jump into Auto-Classification Market” in Document Imaging Report

Document Imaging Report interviewed Parascript about its 2015 platform that is designed to offer a comprehensive set of tools for classification. Parascript is the latest to jump into the Auto-Classification Market due to many needs that currently are not being met. Organizations are looking for the capability to migrate their documents due to acquisitions, mergers and other events, to perform document discovery for compliance with government regulations, and have document control based on critical document metadata. To provide the most flexible auto-classification software on the market today, Parascript combines four approaches into one solution: document content (including both linguistics for identifying words or phrases), document metadata (such as when the document was created), visual element analysis (including matching images such as logos), and handwriting and signatures or other glyph-like elements. For the “Parascript Latest to Jump into Auto-Classification Market” article in the December 5, 2014 issue and other timely news go to Document Imaging Report: Business Trends on Converting Paper Processes to Electronic Format.