Document Automation at Core of Cognitive RPA | Brochure

Place Parascript self-learning document automation at the core of your cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Enable your complex document-based processes to access key data.

Automate Receipt Processing with Parascript SDK for Receipts

Quickly & Easily Access Receipt Data Automatically classify,…

Parascript FormXtra Module for Kofax Capture

Parascript’s FormXtra Module for Kofax Capture provides the most comprehensive data location and extraction capabilities available. Kofax Capture users can now process a wide range of applications, from unconstrained and unstructured handwriting recognition to automatic signature location and verification.

FormXtra Capture for BPOs

FormXtra Capture is a complete Web-based, document classification and data extraction solution that enables BPOs to support multiple clients’ document processing needs.

Parascript CheckPlus International - Check Recognition for Global Markets

Parascript CheckPlus International Brochure - Check Recognition Made Easy - Parascript CheckPlus International supports check processing across many countries and has the highest read rates available, that is the best accuracy.

Revenue Cycle Management | Support Technologies

Parascript for Revenue Cycle Management | Support Technologies for Service Providers