Document Processing Approaches for BPOs eBook

Document Processing Approaches for BPOs eBook

Document Processing: Approaches for BPOs eBook explores all options from manual handling to document automation.
Building Bespoke Document Automation Solution

Building Bespoke Document Automation: The Challenges

Build a Bespoke Document Automation solution or buy one? Here's an overview of the most common challenges in creating a custom document automation solution.
Document Automation Core to RPA eBook

Document Automation at the Core of Cognitive RPA eBook

This eBook discusses document automation core to cognitive RPA--robotic process automation--with use cases in financial, healthcare and insurance industries.
Document Automation |AIIM 2018 Survey Results eBook

AIIM Document Automation Survey Results 2018 eBook | Top Capture Leaders

AIIM Document Automation 2018 Survey Results eBook where top capture leaders interviewed about their projects: learn what they said, what it means to your business.
AI Data Automation eBook Download Library

AI Data Automation: Advances in Handwriting Recognition

Download this eBook! With AI data automation, benefit from 96% straight-through processing (STP) in handwriting recognition. This eBook focuses on the latest in document processing automation and what to look for to select the automation solution for handwriting recognition that best meets your needs.
Your Document Processing: Automation

Document Processing: Is There a Better Way

This eBook surveys the options available in document processing and then gives the strengths and weaknesses for each to facilitate selecting the approach that best fits your business needs to reduce costs, increase data accuracy and improve turnaround times.

Document Processing Automation | Robotic Process Automation | Cognitive Document Information

This eBook provides an overview of robotic process automation (RPA) and what role data extraction plays in RPA. The Process Map for RPA and Data Extraction reveals via diagram where advanced data extraction fits within an RPA platform, reaching far beyond OCR technologies.

Data Interpretation eBook

This eBook provides the fundamentals for understanding when OCR technology is most useful, its strengths and its limitations. And then, it focuses on advanced data interpretation systems powered by machine learning that offer document classification, data extraction and interpretation and what precisely that means to the business.

AIIM Document Automation 2017 Survey Results eBook | Top Capture Leaders

100 Capture leaders from the AIIM community were surveyed on how successfully they manage their capture deployments and here are the results.